Navratri 2022: Amazing Home Decor Ideas To Lit Up Your House This Navratri

Amazing Home Decor Ideas To Lit Up Your House This Navratri

WITH the festive season en route, decorating homes remains the essence of any festival. Sharad Navratri, being India’s well-known and prolonged festival, this year commemorates on September 26. With multiple preparations required for the festival, Navratri home decorations are the key practice that takes place in every Indian household. Let’s read below some ideas to decorate your home this Navratri.

1. Use Flowers

Flowers are basic decoration items for any joyous occasion. The delicacy and purity that a flower holds make them ideal and special for use in prayers and home decorations. Flowers inhibit aroma therapeutic properties, which help in eliminating odors from the air and create a fresh environment in the house. They add color to the area they are put in. They have properties that boost our emotions and create a relaxing environment. Therefore, don’t forget to include a flower in your home decorations this Navratri.

2. Rangolis

Each day of Navratri is associated with certain colours. The first day’s color is orange to honor Devi Shailputri Maa, the second day’s color is white to pay respect to Devi Brahmacharini and so on. Rangoli are creative expressions of art using different vibrant colors and designs. They are a perfect way to decorate your home and are believed to bring good luck and wealth to Indian culture.

3. Diyas

Vaastu Shastra considers a diya to be very auspicious. You can use a diyas as a decoration material in your house to illuminate the ambience and aura of your festive house. Painted colorful diyas are the most used ornamental decoration objects in India. Simple terracotta diyas can brighten and beautify the Navratri decoration at your home.

4. Fairy lights

Fairy lights can be used to decorate your home this Navratri. Glowing fairy lights can do wonders by illuminating the walls of your house and beautifying your house entrance. You can use them as lanterns by putting them in glass jars. You can also create a chandelier using these lights to light up your Navratri mandir.

5. DIY Candles

Candles are known for their ability to create a peaceful ambience. The minimal light and aroma that comes from scented candles create a serene environment. You can set the scented candles in different spots of your house.

6. Garlands and Torans

Torans are wall hangings that are used to decorate the entrances of the house. The beautiful door hangings hold special significance as decoration accessories. You can make torans out of marigolds and mango leaves.


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