Scariest Halloween home, patio, lawn decor items: Scary props, giant spiders, more

Having the scariest house in the neighborhood is a goal that is determined by how many guests cry, throw up, or refuse to enter. Every year people try to decorate their homes for Halloween but while it might be scary for people under the age of 5, it’s definitely a cakewalk for horror fans.

Etsy can help you achieve the goal with props that are fueled with nightmares. You can get giant spiders, skinned humans, giant skeletons, and more.

Be the house that people cry about when they leave. Check out the scariest Halloween patio, lawn, and home decor items below:


Creepy Scary Halloween Scene Wall or Window Sticker |  Etsy

Creepy Scary Halloween Scene Wall or Window Sticker | Etsy

  • Creepy Scary Halloween Scene Wall or Window Sticker – $15. Is it too scary that people driving past the house have to think about calling 911? maybe. According to the description, the stickers are easy to remove so you won’t have the crime scene stuck to your window all year round.
  • Black pair Horror Demon Hand Life Size – $24.99. Hands coming out of the walls is a classic horror movie trope that we’ve seen time and time again but imagine seeing it in real life. The hands can also hold rings, hats, keys, and anything you’d want your personal demon to hold.
  • Halloween Body Prop – $40.49. How far are you willing to go for a few scares? Check out this Halloween body prop that guarantees it isn’t a real human.
  • Regular 9 Inch Human Face Pot Pie – $20. Honey! Dinner is ready and we’re serving Human Face Pot Pie. Fresh from the butcher is a pie made with love and the face of your enemy.


Little ghosts holding hands includes SIX OR 12 GHOST |  Etsy

Little ghosts holding hands includes SIX OR 12 GHOST | Etsy

  • Little ghosts holding hands includes SIX OR 12 GHOST – $130+. Ghosts are water resistant, weatherproof, and have light-up heads. The props are over 2 feet tall and the top layer is made of real dress fabric.
  • Latex Hanging Body Corpse for Secrets Haunted House – $95. If you’re trying to have the scariest house on the block this Halloween, add this to your list of must-have items. This prop features a half-skinned body that’s begging to haunt your dreams.
  • Halloween Witch Figurine Statue – $26.99. There’s nothing scarier than coming in contact with the lady in black. Place this witch near trees and it’ll make your guests do a double-take. The figurine is made of resin material and is safe, harmless, and durable.
  • Zombie Hands Metal Yard Stakes – $43.20+. Did someone say “Night of the Living Dead?” Check out these zombie hand yard stakes that have a metal, steel, and powder coat.
  • Halloween Skeleton Prop – $16.99. The photo that’s displayed on the site has these skeletons climbing on the side of a house. If you’re trying to scare a few kids, this is definitely a prop you’ll want to check out.


60IN Giant Spider |  Etsy

60IN Giant Spider | Etsy

  • 60IN Giant Spider – $12. People with arachnophobia are one of the easiest people to scare. Get a giant spider for your patio and watch a few guests run for the hills. The spider has red eyes, a hairy body, and looks real enough to scare a few neighbors.
  • Clown Candy Display – $24. Speaking of phobias, we can’t forget coulrophobia, the fear of clowns. This candy display has guests putting their hands in the mouth of a clown to get their candy.
  • Bloody Weapons Garland – $13.99+. Slasher movies are making a comeback and now you can have a banner filled with bloody murder weapons! How exciting is it for guests to see bloody butcher knives, saws, and machetes? Don’t mistake tears of fear with tears of joy this season!
  • Hyper Realistic Maggots for Film and TV Props – $18.24+. Making guests throw up is a goal not many of us can achieve.
  • Spooky Clown Horror Movie Doormat – $25.99+ Shout out to the folks with coulrophobia, Halloween must not be your favorite holiday. Check out this IT movie doormat that makes it look like the clown is looking at you behind the sewer drain.

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