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5 Common Mistakes When Furnishing Your First Apartment

Moving out of your parents’ place and finally being able to make the decision on how to decorate your first apartment can be pretty exciting. It’s your chance to design a space and ensure that it meets your needs and complements your lifestyle.

However, it’s also a prospect that you should approach with prudence. After all, furnishing an apartment, especially all on your own, can be a pretty costly affair. If you let your excitement get ahead of you and allow your feelings take precedence over proper planning, there’s a genuine possibility that you’ll spend more than your budget yet still fall short of your vision. Such a predicament can result from a string of unwise decisions while decorating your new home. To meet your goals for your apartment, make sure to steer clear of these common mistakes:

Failing to Set a Budget and Theme

When you’re designing your first apartment, it can be easy to lose yourself in the details. But before zeroing in on specific items for your home, it’s a good idea to start with your general rules first. In particular, think of how much you’re willing to spend, the essential items that you need, and your overall theme for the unit.

It’s good to remember that personalizing your apartment is not just a one-time activity and that you can actually build on your interior decor if you set a solid foundation. Laying out the proper groundwork before finalizing purchases will help you avoid costly mistakes caused by spur-of-the-moment decisions. In addition, spending some time mulling over your choices can help you come up with a design that’s truly yours and not just a reaction to your previous living condition.

Having Too Many Design Themes

First apartments tend to be quite small since many people living on their own are just starting their careers. It’s a mistake to implement too many styles in such a small space. In case you have many design ideas, spread them out in your home instead of changing themes from room to room. If you’re aiming for a tropical or boho style, for example, you can purchase a used sofa for sale in the theme that you like and pair that with a dining table in the same style. As such, your apartment will have a sense of continuity and you won’t be bombarded by contrasting looks in each of the rooms of your new home.

Ignoring Lighting Options

Your lighting choice matters a lot, as it impacts your mood, productivity, and how well you can navigate your home. Now, you can always go with the built-in lighting options in the apartment, but don’t be afraid to switch it up a little if you’re not comfortable with how the lights affect the space. Perhaps it’s an option to switch the existing fixtures to cooler or warmer lights from the get-go. Later on, you can invest in lamps and lighting fixtures that will help you achieve the mood that you are aiming for.

Buying Before Measuring

To borrow an expression from carpentry circles, measure twice and buy once. Before purchasing anything for your home or even for yourself, consider thoroughly if you’re getting the right size. Measure how much space you actually have in your house and keep a close eye on the dimensions of the furniture or appliances that you want to purchase. This way, you can be sure that everything will fit nicely in your home and you won’t need to return items because of wrong sizing. Aside from measuring the available space, try to measure where the new couch, dining chairs, or cabinet will go, and see if the item you’re planning to buy configures well to the dimensions of the room.

Forgetting Your Future Plans

When sprucing up your first apartment, it’s important to have an idea of ​​what you’re planning to do in the near and far future. For example, are you just renting the apartment while you’re waiting to get a job in a different city, or are you just staying in that house until you finish your current work or academic commitment? If you’re not staying for long or are open to moving again in the near future, then it might be a good idea to not spend too much on your first apartment. Perhaps you can do away with brand-new items and mainly purchase refurbished furniture pieces. This can help you save more money for your future plans. Alternatively, you can also make plans to sell your furniture to finance your future needs. Take care not to damage the pieces too much so that they can command good prices in the secondhand market.

Again, furnishing your first apartment doesn’t have to be an overnight job. Set the big picture, take your time, and think carefully about the items that you already have or want to purchase for your new home. Take note of these common mistakes as well so you can avoid them and the hassles that they often bring upon many people who are just starting to live on their own.

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