How long does a carved or uncarved pumpkin last?

How long does a carved or uncarved pumpkin last? It is inevitable that you will hear this question asked more frequently at this point in the year. The season of pumpkin carving ideas and pumpkin-spiced everything is here – but with this fruit comes the concern of its lifespan.

Whether your fall decor ideas include playful carvings – or you’re looking for an uncarved finish (on your mantelpiece or tablescape) – all pumpkins are sadly subject to natural rotting. And while uncarved pumpkins do last longer than their carved counterparts, it is still necessary to plan to avoid an eroded staple piece before your Halloween festivities.

How long does a carved or uncarved pumpkin last?

‘Carved pumpkins have quite a short shelf life, especially if you live in a warmer climate. They will typically begin decomposing within a week of being carved and left out of the fridge,’ warns Jenna Moran, the founder and creative director of Whimsy and Spice (opens in new tab). However, in some cases, they will only survive as little as three days.

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Uncarved pumpkins can survive for much longer. In many cases, they last for at least 10-12 weeks, meaning you can likely use your pumpkins beyond Halloween decor.

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