10 home decor ideas that can make any place look better

10 home decor ideas that can make any place look better

The festival of Rakhi or Rakshabandhan is just around the corner and the siblings in India cannot contain their excitement as they await the long weekend which ends with Independence Day celebrations as cherry on the holiday cake. Festivals are a good time to brighten and light up your homes, rearrange the furniture, invest in new interior designs, clean your cupboard, dusting the house and add or let go of a few home decor items for a fresh look to make it festival- ready.

Whitewashing your house for the festive weekend ahead of Rakshabandhan and Independence Day? In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Anand Ojha, Principal designer of Anand Atelier Associate, revealed that from colors to design, every detail plays an important role in how we feel so ahead of the festive week, the following 5 ideas will surely brighten the look of your home with some beautiful home decor:

#1 PLANTS – Plants add so much value to our home and yet they are so undervalued. A beautiful terrace garden, indoor plants in your living room, and bedrooms not only are good air purifiers but also shower so much positivity to your place to make us feel better.

#2 FLORAL MOTIF – Blending colors and prints is the easiest way to bring light and breezy interiors to the space. Vibrant colors instantly lift your mood. Mixing patterns, floral cushions, and a pop of pastels to your living rooms will bring a bright and fresh look to the space.

#3 COLORFUL RUG – Brighten up your space with a vibrant colored rug. We can opt from bright colors like orange, sunny yellow, soothing green, calm blue. For subtle we can choose from neutral tones, gray hues, and earthy shades that will bring a soothing vibe to your space.

#4 SHEER CURTAINS – Sheer curtains filter the harsh sunlight and bring natural light. We can choose from different motifs patterns available to bring an elegant and charming look to your space. We can also opt for roller blinds that won’t block the natural light and will also provide privacy to the space.

#5 POWER OF METALLIC – Metal brings a touch of glamor and drama to your home. Metallic mirrors, light fixtures, d├ęcor pieces, metal handles, coffee tables create a statement effect. It adds a certain effortless luxury that shines through.

Adding to the list of tips, Harshvardhan Ruia, Co-Founder of Villedomo, shared 5 ideas to make any place look better this festive weekend:

1. Make your corners appealing. You can simply keep them classy with decorative trays, some flowers and holders which match up with the home aesthetics. Even minimal furniture article and mood lighting also uplift dull corners.

2.With gloominess in the weather, your living space does not need to bear with the monsoon greys. A vibrant home space is perfect to amp up the mood in no time.

3. Turn up the brightness in your living room with a pop colored couch or may be a quirky ottoman to add uniqueness with color factor. Adding a patterned rug adds depth to the whole setting of the furniture. It will not only brighten up the living room but will definitely make your home revamped and give a fresh look to the area.

4. Rugs work as coordinates with the whole story line of home decor and home furnishings in personal or commercial spaces. Not only uplifting the aesthetics, but also adding colors to the desired spaces.

5.Rugs also add a special value in maintaining the room temperature. During Winters or monsoons, they have an insulation effect and provide warmth to our feet due to the natural fibers they are made of.

Other than these we can also look on to warm light, curved furniture and natural textures that can bring bright and vibrant summer into your spaces.


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