The Block's Ankur and Sharon caught blasting their builders on camera

The Block’s Ankur and Sharon caught blasting their builders on camera

The feud between The Block‘s Ankur and Sharon and their builders has intensified, as the couple were caught cussing out their team on camera.

The Block‘s Ankur and Sharon have had a tough relationship with their builders this season. While the couple accuse their builders Liam and Scott of being too lofty in their expectations, the two have also had to field accusations of disappearing off-site for hours on end and of icing their builders out despite the team effort on the show. It seems things are not getting any better.

On Tuesday’s episode of The Blockthe couple yet again blasted their builders in a rant to a friend, all the while on camera.

“We’ve got these builders who are fucking idiots,” Sharon complains to a friend in the episode. Ankur concurs and adds that they are “arseholes.”

Sharon goes on to rant about the disagreements between the two, calling them lazy and dramatic in their feedback.

“Basically, they’re lazy, they don’t want to work past 5 PM. One of them doesn’t want to work on Saturdays, whatever,” she says, before adding: “[They] expect us to paint an eight-metre high ceiling, and then when it’s not painted correctly, they’re disappointed in the results.”

In another interview bit, Sharon complains that the “negative vibe” from the builders had “affected” her time on the show. “I feel like if we had more positive, great energy around us, that whole thing would be different,” she said.

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Ankur and Sharon, however, have not been without their fair share of drama on the show. At one point, their complaints and regrets about being on the show led to host Scott Cam calling them out on air and asking them to leave if they so wished.

This is also not the first time Ankur and Sharon have clashed with Liam and Scott.

An earlier episode revealed that while Liam was off for the week, Sharon and Ankur had neglected to tell him that they had won that week’s guest bedroom reveal. The couple had also failed to acknowledge their builders’ efforts, which led to Liam called them out. He also pointed out that they had not given him any information about the next room either.

“I think irrespective of how you guys are feeling from a win, loss or otherwise, I deserve at least a text of the outcome and future week.” Liam had texted Sharon.

He went on to add: “All trades deserve a thank you for the week and efforts put in message … For putting their lives on hold, for waiting to come with next to no notice, for making this work within their regular businesses, for some of us not seeing our regular families for days.”

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