4 ways to decorate your home with Indian elements

Would you like to include a little of the traditional Indian vibe into your interior design? Or maybe you’re someone who is seeking ideas for incorporating cultural allusions from your own country into your apartment? While modern minimalism is popular all around the world, several distinctly Indian design aspects are indispensable to the majority of Indian households. It is not surprising that many people wish to decorate their homes in the manner of Indian d├ęcor because it is so bold, detailed, and vibrant.

Therefore, if you’re looking for ways to integrate Indian aspects into your home design and want to give it a desi feel, here are 4 ideas.

1. Wood furniture

Few things provide as much comfortable delight as wooden furniture, whether it be made of ebony, mahogany, sheesham, rosewood, or sal wood. It can be used in stunning ways to evoke the atmosphere of a comfortable home. Bar stools, accent sofas, and wooden chests are just a few of the many alternatives for Indian decor pieces.

2. Florid and vibrant colors

Choosing vibrant and unique colors is the greatest approach to infuse elements from India into your interior design. Stay away from pastels and light hues. Instead, opt for vivid tones like red, magenta, scarlet, turquoise, saffron and blue. It’s acceptable to use contrasting colors in any given room. Mural paintings, artwork, upholstery, bedspreads, and other decorative elements could all display the tones.

3. Display Indian artwork and collectibles

A few paintings, pieces of art, or statues may properly combine India’s rich culture into a room. House decorations can be made from a variety of handcrafted folk-art forms from India. Choose from mandala patterns, embroideries that are rich and symmetrical in designs, or patterns inspired by nature, such as those with wildlife, or florals.

4. Using fabrics

Bring in Indian fabrics and patterns to instantly give any room a touch of the country’s culture. The country’s textile industry has a long history, and the native goods from each region have a unique appearance and design. By utilizing bed covers, mattress covers, drapes, and table mats manufactured with these patterns, you may simply incorporate various fabrics, such as batik, bandhani, kalamkari etc., into your home decor.

You may perfectly express the spirit of Indian style interiors in your home by including these features!

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