7 Sustainable Ways To Decorate Your House For The Festive Season

Last Updated: September 28, 2022, 12:40 am IST

The feeling of a beautifully done home warms the soul and lends to the festive spirit

The feeling of a beautifully done home warms the soul and lends to the festive spirit

The feeling of a beautifully done home warms the soul and lends to the festive spirit

The idea of ​​organizing and decorating our spaces and homes before the festive season makes us excited. After two years in a pandemic, we are more conscious of our choices and how we decorate our spaces. Sustainable décor is about giving old everyday items in the house a fresh lease of life.

“People are striving to adopt sustainable practices in all aspects of their lives, including home décor, especially in the years following COVID. Decorating your interiors with environmentally friendly, sustainable materials is one of the finest ways to go green. You may make a statement at home by decorating with eco-friendly or even locally produced goods while keeping your aesthetic sense in mind,” says Mustafa Johar, CEO and Co-Founder of Makemyhouse.com.

Elevate the appeal of your house with these sustainable tips and welcome the festive season.

  • Utilize Lighting and plants to innovate – This season, don’t just stick to diyas, candles, and tea lights-go beyond and brighten the mood with pretty flower vases, bright and attractive glassware, pops of color on table runners, cushion covers, and centerpieces.
  • Glam It Up – Use metallic and gold to brighten up your living areas because they have always been fashionable. “A splash of gold, silver, or bronze will make your home look more festive. You can decorate more subtly by adding pillows, bean bags, or adorable accent pieces to your furniture,” adds Johar.
  • Fill With Fragrance – Who does not enjoy coming to a fragrant home? Scents and aromas are an essential element of home decor while hosting guests and spending time indoors with your loved ones. Scented candles, essential oil diffusers, linen, room sprays, and air fresheners may all tickle your senses with just a sniff.
  • The Power of Fresh Flowers – During the holiday season, using flowers in your home is a wonderful and efficient way to add elegance. “Use them as table centerpieces at the entrance to your home, or place flower bouquets in the corners of your living area,” notes Johar.
  • Engage in DIYs – This is a fantastic and environmentally friendly approach to recycling old and used personal goods and transforming discarded decor into something adorable and brand-new.
  • Colors – Choosing bold, colorful hues throughout the festive season is a smart move. This creates a warm, festive atmosphere in your home. Seasons of celebration and vibrant colors have always gone together. Bright colored walls and unusual rugs and pillows could offer that spark without going over budget.
  • Beautify Your Windows and Doors – A festive home is incomplete without a fancy nameplate and some floral torans on the door. It is indisputable that curtains have the power to radically change a room’s look and feel. Your area can be made more luminous with drapes that are brilliantly patterned and floral. Alternately, blend deeper, earthier hues with lighter wall colors.

Having attractively planned areas may significantly improve a home’s appearance and feel, regardless of the season. The feeling of a beautifully done home warms the soul and lends to the festive spirit.

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