Four tips to style your home with minimal designs

Scandinavian décor originated around the mid-20th century in the northern countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. It embraces minimalistic designs and one-dimensional elements while celebrating natural light and pristine hues of white, beige, etc. On the whole, Scandinavian-inspired furniture is clean-lined, practical and inviting. Here are some ways to infuse this versatile decorating style into your décor:

Opt for light and airy furniture

An integral element of the Scandinavian design scheme is hygge – the feeling of cosines and comfortable conviviality. Unfussy and snuggly sofas fit right into this decorating wheelhouse. Instead, opt for simple tufting and cushioning to maximize comfort. Opt for sofas which have smooth edges, comfortable seats and cushions for a cozy feeling. Teak wood sofa, encapsulates the best of Scandinavian décor.

Add colors wisely

Keeping in mind light and bright, opt for a muted color palette of white, cream and beige. This applies to rugs, textiles, pillows, and furniture pieces. Light hints of pastels can be added for subtle vibrancy contrasted with bold use of dark colours. Playful patterns and cheerful hues also work, but balance is the key. If you want to layer contrasting colors or patterns, ensure they are punctuated in smaller doses, such as a hand-painted side table or cushion. Let neutral shades straddle an atmosphere of harmony and tranquility.

Keep it minimalistic

Be it the bedroom, living space or kitchen, ensure that spaces are clean-lined and minimize the use of unnecessary furniture. It’s important to strip back on unnecessary pieces and take the “less is more” approach. Go for petite or sleek sizes. Even your furnishings should accentuate the same. Tactile materials like a fluffy duvet, a warming rug, and comfy pillows and cushions in monochromatic hues can punctuate the interiors with a Scandinavian feel.

Go for natural materials

The Scandinavian décor style also exemplifies elegant rusticity from earthy elements and lets organic and natural materials such as wood, wool, leather, etc. shines. Apart from furniture, wooden flooring, ceiling, and accents bring in the Scandinavian aesthetic.

Accessories harmoniously

Even though the Scandinavian décor is more about minimalism, it is inspired by nature, so add green plants, jute rugs and organic shapes to the design scheme. Don’t overdo it with the accessorising as it would merely lead to clutter. If adding contemporary and vintage artworks, pick pieces that exude simplicity and lightness of form and merge comfortably in Scandinavian-style spaces. Showcase a couple of your favorite monochrome pictures or abstract art pieces just above the bed or behind the sofa.

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