Home Decor Ideas To Light Up Homes This Festive Season

Home Decor Ideas To Light Up Homes This Festive Season

India is blessed with an array of festive affairs. Each one of them comes with its own zest and frills. While one can revamp their homes with the colors and designs peculiar to that season, it is crucial to keep up with the trends too. “As a designer, I have seen the eco-first festive vision growing. It is sure to be a key trend for the festive season’22,” says Krsnaa Mehta, Executive Director, India Circus.

The pandemic has really taught us that we are stronger and better connected than ever. “This season, I believe, is the perfect time to get together, express love for those you care about and make unforgettable memories,” adds Jyoti Jaiswal, Designer, Livspace.

“One more trend that seems to be people’s favorite during the festive season is using moody colors + prints across their living space. The trend started through OTT platforms and people are smartly following that by also considering their personal love for hues and monumental patterns,” adds Mehta.

The festive season calls for not only some delectable treats but also beautiful home decor. Here are some tips to make your home beautiful during the festivals

Refresh your space

Bring alive the festive mood with colorful elements in soft furnishings that can revamp your place. “Changing to brighter curtains, cushions, and throws over your existing nude sofas will help to construct the story you want to tell your guests. Soft furnishings completely adds a different personality to any room and can also change the apparent size, shape or architect awkwardness,” notes Jaiswal.

Be bold and bring in brass

Brass, as they say, is the best metal to add to the house. Simple brass bells are an essential item to keep in your home since they may enhance sound waves that can completely change the mood inside. Similarly, bringing out your antique brass objects such as wall hangings, mirrors and other accessories will also enhance the aesthetic value of your home.

Add a festive fragrance

Fragrances create a certain memory and offer a unique experience. A wonderful approach to get everyone’s attention and establish the mood is using an aroma. “It does not only improve the aesthetic appeal but also gives your house a new look. It is best to choose calming fragrances. You can place oil reed, incense sticks and cones or you can plug in a diffuser to give you home decor a final touch and a festive feel,” adds Jaiswal.

Bring out the best in budget

Bringing in flower patterned decoration can well compliment your existing home decor. Something colorful and striking will make a conversation starter as soon as guests step inside your home. However, as a rule of thumb, opt for plants and flowers that are attractive and fit with any space without looking too overwhelming

Light up your home

Lighting changes and completely transforms a space. It creates depth and height, a cozy spot or in fact draws attention to the most impressive area. Creative use of lighting can and should complement your decor. “Lamps, pendants, fans, and other lighting elements should complement the style and décor of the space. Selecting the right light can help you achieve the perfect balance between style, comfort, and practicality,” opines Jaiswal.

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