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Room Decor & Personality | Her Campus

Styling a room to fit your personality and preferences is an important part of the decor. As a freshman in college who just had to move into a new room and decorate it to fit my needs and personality. Whether you’re a minimalist, maximalist, or somewhere in between, decorating a room can make it more comfortable and home-like. It took a lot of thought and ideas, but I found the perfect decor for me.

Keeping things and people that mean a lot in my life close to me is important wherever I am. I love pictures because they’re the perfect way to add some personality and homeliness to the room. I printed some pictures of my friends and family and hung them on my bulletin board on my desk, so whenever I look at them I’m reminded of the people I love from home. I also brought my childhood stuffed animal with me to remember my childhood and life as a kid. In addition, I also have a squishmallow that my brother and I bought to match and a little stuffed kitten he got me. These both help me to feel closer to him.

I find that having little inspirational quotes in my room can help motivate me and keep my energy positive. My roommate gave me a bunch of little four-by-six posters that I hung above my desk. They all have little motivational quotes, such as “radiate positivity” and “stay in your own energy.” Since they’re above my desk, they help me to feel motivated when doing my work. This could also be something you could make yourself which can add more of your personality to the room.

My favorite part about decorating and styling a room is adding your own little quirks to make the room fun and fit your personality. I love tapestries, so I bought a yellow tapestry with a sun and moon for my dorm. I also put fairy lights around it to brighten my space. I love decorating with fun throw pillows and blankets, so I matched the yellow tapestry with a yellow throw blanket and some pillows. I don’t like having a lot of empty space, so I bought hanging macrame decor for my closet doors. At home, I personalized my record-player area by putting CDs on the wall and pictures of my favorite songs. This makes the room more fitting to your personality, plus it’s the most fun part of decorating!

Room decorating is a very fun way to personalize your space and help you feel comfortable. I think it’s crucial when you move to make the room your own. I know it’s helped me tremendously in this transition from living at home to living in a dorm at college. Finding the right decor you sincerely like is important to helping you enjoy your time in the room. The most important part, though, is to have fun with it!


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