The Aldi pumpkin ceramic casserole dish to rival Le Creuset

Aldi is selling some cute pumpkin-shaped casserole dishes just in time for autumn, and they look spookily similar to those by Le Creuset. Handy for cooking stews or simply displaying out on the kitchen worktop filled with Halloween treats, Aldi’s dish is a fab budget kitchen idea at just £19.99.

The Le Creuset pumpkin casserole is made of cast iron rather than ceramic and is slightly larger, costing £269. But Le Creuset also has a mini one that would make a perfect gift of Halloween lovers.

The Aldi pumpkin ceramic casserole dish

aldi pumpkin casserole dish

(Image credit: Aldi)

The pumpkin ceramic casserole dish will be hitting your local Aldi’s shelves on October 9th. They’re available as part of Aldi’s Winter Kitchen range alongside various affordable products for cooking hearty meals through the colder months.

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