Bold and colorful décor ideas to elevate your home interiors

A dash of color here and a splash there! When architects and designers experiment with colors the outcome is truly transformative, nothing less than stunning. And home is the perfect place to unleash the color maverick within you. Having stayed ‘safe’ for the past years the interior design trends are tilting towards exploiting the color trends in all possible ways, says, Interior Designer Punam Kalra, So go ahead have fun and break all the rules.

Here’s how:

Color Blocking

Color-blocking is the easiest way when it comes to experimenting with colours. Pick up colors that are opposites on the color wheel and experiment with pairing them together to make interesting and complementary color combinations. Think Mondrian or Joseph Albers. You can use tones of the same color or pair even pair them against neutrals to make the bold color stand out without it being overwhelming.

Color Blocking

Go Bold: Layer colors and patterns

Layer colors and patterns to uplift any space. Create rhythm and depth by overlapping shapes and vibrant hues which when executed translate into breathtaking interiors. Add vibrant pattern/print cushions to a bold solid-colored seater to create a room full of chich flamboyance.

Vibrant textile prints will never miss an eye. Make an online choice with candy tones like fuchsia, lime or tangerine and give them a boost with freeform patterns. Experiment geometry with asymmetric profiles to go high on quirk. You can also stylize them as color blocks with throws on a seater or a simple arrangement of mini furnishings like ottomans, pouffes, rugs and more. Take the statement to the very end of the walls with window treatments like hand-dyed handloom curtains that promise a custom statement alongside.

Lighting is the key

When going bold with colours, make sure that the space is well lit either with plenty of natural light pouring in or artificial lighting. It not only makes the space calm and easy but also provides the possibilities to explore with deeper shades of colours. The space gets an additional layer of glamor to it.

Lighting is the key

Add a character with wall collages

The way colors interact with each other is truly beautiful–make it come live in your home with collage-like compositions on the walls. Pull off a gallery wall with a mix of naturally-lush landscapes or color-filtered portraits. Try making the backdrop interesting with hand-painted tiles in Moroccan or Turkish styles. You can also bring an Indian flavor with Turki mirror works that experiment with stained glass and reflectivity. Create a tasteful motley of colors and you’ll be all set with feature walls.

Add a character with wall collages

Signal your taste through signature artworks

Unlike common beliefs, colorful and bold statements can come out equally well in white interiors as much as any other. Try it with modern artworks that mix-and-blend different hues–these can come as framed paintings, printed graphic boards, handcrafted tapestries and more mediums of art. You can also give the center stage to repurposed elements like repainted antiqueware, or door panels that give a new meaning to old sentiments.

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