Animal Crossing Fall House Designs

Tips To Redecorate Your Home For Fall in ACNH

Fall is the best time of year! The weather gets colder, spooky season arrives, and pumpkin spice lattes are in. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, like in the real world, the leaves change color, fun Fall holidays add extra life to the game, and there’s a ton of Fall-themed furniture to craft.

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Maybe you’d like to freshen up the look inside your house for the Fall season. Whether you’re looking for a full house makeover or spicing up a single room, we’ve got a few ideas on how to redecorate your home this Fall – whether it’s cozy, magical, or a little creepy.


7 Haunted House

Are you so excited for Halloween that you just can’t wait to get your scary on? Why not transform your entire Animal Crossing home into an incredible Haunted House? The seasonal Spooky furniture set you can craft is a good launching point for this design, but there are several other eerie options to go with as well.

You can also use the bug models and fake spiderwebs to add a creepy factor to your home. Using only candles to light up your space will also add a spooky vibe. If you want some ghosts, create custom patterns and set up mannequins throughout your space. The haunted house theme is an excellent Fall choice and can easily be used as a theme across your whole space.

6 Fall Woodland

If you’re in love with the leaves changing colors, you may just want to bring the outside in with a Fall Woodland theme. Using seasonal furniture such as the Mushroom set and the Tree’s Bounty items, you can set up a perfectly magical autumn space in your home.

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To emphasize the outdoor Fall look, use the Autumn Wall and Colored-Leaves Flooring. Don’t forget to add Red Leaf Piles scattered across your floor, too! There’s even a Fall version of the Train Set that would blend wonderfully with this theme.

5 Back To School

Fall also means it’s back to school for many of you. If you’re someone who enjoys being in the classroom, why not bring the classroom to your Animal Crossing home? There are quite a few different options for chalkboards, desks, chairs, posters, and more. There’s even a podium!

This is another theme that can easily take up multiple rooms in your house. You could include a “hallway” with lockers or even a school gym. And, hey, add a few Suspicious Cauldrons and Fortune Teller Sets, and you could turn your school into Hogwarts for the Halloween season!

4 Barnyard Bash

Fall brings up memories of apple picking, enjoying pumpkin patches, and going on hay rides. Bring the country life feel to your home through a Barnyard Bash theme! Use Hay Bales for seating arrangements and set out a wide variety of recipes on a Ranch Tea Table.

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The Patchwork furniture and Ranch furniture are great options to give your home a homestead feel. Using a simple wooden floor and an outdoor wallpaper, such as the Rice-Paddy Wall, will add to the aesthetic as well. Don’t forget to put KK Country or KK Western on the radio for the occasion, too!

3 Fall Harvest Theme

Another angle to take your home to capture the memories of apple picking is simply this: the Fall Harvest theme. Every Animal Crossing fruit can be made into various furniture items. Capture the feeling of fresh fruit harvesting, and incorporate all of those fruit furniture pieces into your home.

In particular, you may want to focus on the Apple and Pear sets, as those fruits are usually best in the Fall season. You can even set up a table with some food items that use the fruit as well.

2 Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

Though we love the Roost and Brewster, it’s also fun to transform your home into your own Fall-themed coffee shop and café. Fall means the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. While this item doesn’t appear in the game, there are several pumpkin recipes, such as Pumpkin Scones and Pumpkin Soup, that would be great menu items for a Fall-themed café.

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You can even use some Fall furniture in your design. The Spooky chairs are neutral enough to use, and you can turn the Spooky Tower and Spooky Lantern around so their scary faces are hidden to add some pumpkin charm to your space. Using red or yellow variations of any coffee-making appliances will add to the Fall vibe in your room, too.

1 Fall Roof, Door, and Wreath

Last but not least: don’t forget to change up your exterior home design! Changing your roof and door color to a Fall tone, like red or orange, will make a strong statement that you’re excited Fall is here! You can switch up the exterior walls as well to reflect the vibe you’re going for inside your house, whether you go for something dark and spooky or warm and welcoming.

Also, don’t forget to swap out your wreath with a Fall-themed one! The mushroom wreath is a good choice, or you could go for a flower wreath that matches your color style, whether you want reds and yellows or a mysterious black.

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