20 Best Patio Cover Ideas

patio cover ideas

Tamsin Johnson Interiors

Whether you like to read, enjoy a cocktail, or doze off by the pool, a shaded patio can make your backyard experience much more pleasant. Covering the patio or deck will protect your space from the elements and keep things cool so you can hang out there for as long as you want. Not only do patio covers create shade, but they also offer a design opportunity overhead, like florals, lighting, and more. Discover these 20 stylish patio cover ideas that will keep your backyard cool all summer, and extend your patio hangs well into the cooler months.

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Shade your patio vis-a-vis fabric, which adds pattern, texture, and drama. Mark Sikes opted for a fun blue and white striped cabana here.


Top With an Enclosed Skylight

This enclosed patio designed by Tamsin Johnson feels like a cross between a chic living room and a jungle-inspired greenhouse. The ceiling fan keeps the air circulating and the skylight allows for light filtration—while also protecting the space from the elements.


Install Galvanized Steel Panels

AP Design House weatherproofed this patio by adding Bermuda shutters and laying galvanized steel corrugated panels overhead. Do the same to your patio so you can enjoy your outdoor space rain or shine.

The only thing more heavenly than this cottage’s pool is the wisteria growing over the pergola. Shading a table and bistro chairs, a vine-covered breezeway provides the perfect place to dine al fresco


Buy Partially Shaded Furniture

If you have a smaller backyard space or don’t want to build anything permanent, you can still reap the benefits of a covered patio with furniture (like a daybed) that features a built-in pergola. We’re digging the chocolate brown cushions contrasting with the bright orange citrus tree in a backyard by Reath Design.


Optimize It for Every Season

Caroline Rafferty decked out a small bar prep zone (conveniently located right by the cabana) in saturated colors and stripes, then optimized the space with a ceiling fan and hidden remote-controlled hurricane shutters for the off-season.

If you want to carve out a space that feels truly transportive, opt for a trellised gazebo. This one from April Powers doubles as a post-swim hang. The crawling vines, sheers, and camouflaging paint color allow the gazebo to blend right in with the garden, while the bench and coffee table ensure everything you need is within arm’s reach.


Blend Indoor and Outdoor Areas

With a Baja shelf in the pool, a nearby semi-covered dining area, and an indoor-outdoor home bar, this backyard designed by Ken Fulk is the perfect place indoor/outdoor place to unwind and entertain.

A round opening in the roof offers a glimpse of the sky from the comfortable daybed in the pavilion of this Florida home. A pavilion is the perfect solution for open and airy living, while providing the added comfort of shade.

One of the most popular types of patio and deck coverings is a pergola because of the partial shade/sun combo it provides. This patio by Aamir Khandwala is covered with a white one that complements the deck for a modern approach that pops against the green landscape.

Landscape designer Jay Griffith’s standalone pagoda is a grown-up version of a treehouse hideaway. The floor cushions enhance the sense of intimacy while the curtains provide extra privacy.

With a restaurant-worthy outdoor kitchen, The roof of this Brooklyn brownstone by designer Laurie Blumenfeld-Russo is a multi-season entertainment oasis thanks to the pergola, which has an extra layer of protection from the tarp.

If you can’t build a more permanent patio cover, opt for an umbrella over the most high-traffic area. On this patio by Tamsin Johnson Interiors, a simple blue and white umbrella with retro flair pairs perfectly with the whimsical aesthetic, from the striped lounge chairs to the side table.

You can still create a patio cover without spending a ton and renovating. Instead of creating a more permanent overhead structure, secure outdoor fabric or a tarp to corner pillars. Visually, the effect is romantic and easy-going.

The best patio covers? Shade from a canopy of trees. This may sound simple, but the right landscaping really does go a long way. In Jacksonville, Florida-based designer Fitz Pullins’s backyard, a majestic and mossy tree shades the dining area.


Hang Curtains Around a Pergola

Interior designer Jenn Feldman secured curtains to this pergola to bring a sense of fullness and dimension, as well as add more privacy and protection from the elements. The white paint keeps the space looking open and bright.


Split Between a Shingle Roof and a Pergola

Designer Maria Augusta Luoro of Guta Louro Designs brought her neglected childhood home back to its former glory, and the backyard is no exception. This alfresco patio area features a covered grill and wet bar to allow for outdoor dining without the fuss of all the plumbing upgrades required for a full kitchen. Just take note that a pergola needs something solid to stand on, hence the patio, and the partial kitchen actually has a more solid roof structure.

An outdoor clubhouse with a straw roof over the patio like this one will make your backyard feel like a luxury resort in some far-away tropical destination. Look into your regional climate to see what materials will hold up best first though.


Top with a Slatted Roof

In a Key West house, the outdoor kitchen cabinets are made from old cypress shutters and the tropical florals bring a bright pop of playful color. The sloped slat roof allows light to filter through.


Take Advantage of a Balcony

This backyard patio by Regan Baker Design is the perfect private spot to unwind. To make it conducive for relaxing and conversation, the designer placed large outdoor floor cushions next to the swing for additional seating. The balcony overhead also provides a cover to shade the patio.

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