Employee transforms office cubicle into rustic cabin complete with fireplace

Employee transforms office cubicle into rustic cabin complete with fireplace

As people begin to return to the workplace, many are finding new and innovative ways to make their office spaces feel more like home.

However, one man took office decor to a whole new level when he decided to transform his cubicle into a rustic log cabin. The transformation was shared on Twitter by Simple Method CEO Mike Beckham, who revealed that he hadn’t been expecting the outcome when he’d said yes to his newest team member’s request to decorate.

“Recently one of our newest team members asked if he could decorate his cubicle,” Beckham tweeted. “When I said yes, I wasn’t expecting this…”

Beckham then shared three photos of his employee’s cubicle makeover, which features a hyper-realistic ode to a rustic cabin. Instead of plain cubicle walls, the employee opted for a faux wood finish and a faux fireplace to keep warm. The walls were also decorated with stuffed moose heads, while the employee, later identified as Lucas Mundt, even included a decal of a picturesque lakeside view.

“That’s a full wood cabin motif including a stove, hardwood floor, and stuffed moose head,” Beckham shared.

Beckham also added in the thread that his employee had purchased an authentic cabin chandelier, but realized “it was a bit much just before he hung it”.

Because of his creative genius, which has since gone viral on Twitter, Beckham was awarded Mundt with employee decorator of the year. “Having creative teammates like you is one of the things I enjoy most about Simple Modern,” Beckham said about the new team member.

As a result of Mundt’s viral decorating skills, Beckham also announced that Simple Modern would be launching a company-wide initiative to join in on the fun. “Simple Modern will be instituting a workspace personalization and decoration budget for each employee,” he tweeted. “Excited to see what each team member comes up with!”

Speaking to The Independent, Beckham said that he was surprised by the widespread response to the post. He credits its popularity to the pandemic, and how working from home allowed people to work in environments that were comfortable. “As it is becoming more normative to go back to the office, many people are feeling the loss of this ability to dictate their environment,” Beckham said. “Having a work environment that isn’t sterile and where you are allowed to express yourself is really appealing.”

The post, which gained more than 290,000 likes, prompted praise for Mundt’s decorating skills and encouraged others to share their own workspace art. One Twitter user responded with an image of their former cubicle, which was decorated with brick wall decals, a bistro table and chairs, and bottles of zero-alcohol wine.

“This was my cubicle in the Pentagon before I retired,” they shared. “We later added a bistro table and chairs adorned with some bottles of zero-alcohol wine.”

Another user shared their co-worker’s festive cubicle, which was wrapped in tin foil and adorned with green tinsel and jolly candy canes.

“We did this for a co-worker who was away a few years ago,” they said. “I mean we didn’t want her to miss out on holiday cube decorations!”

In another tweet, a Twitter user shared a helpful tip for those wishing to spice up their cubicles. They covered their cabinets in a green, leafy wallpaper, adding that sticky wallpaper works perfectly for covering ugly metal cabinets. “I spend more time here than at home, why wouldn’t I want it to be a cheerful space?” they said.

Mundt’s creative cubicle even prompted a response from LinkedIn, which added to the thread: “@lucas_mundt made himself at home and we love it.”

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