I’m a home expert – here are my hacks to make your small bathroom look bigger

IF you have a bathroom that is a little bit on the smaller side, there are some easy hacks you can use to make it look bigger.

In most homes across Ireland, the bathroom is the smallest room in the house.

Added lighting around the mirror and under-sink cabinets can make your bathroom look bigger


Added lighting around the mirror and under-sink cabinets can make your bathroom look biggerCredit: social media collects
Mosaic design tiles can help make the space look bigger


Mosaic design tiles can help make the space look biggerCredit: social media collects

Despite this, there are tricks you can employ when decorating to give the illusion of a bigger room, while still keeping it inviting and cozy.

According to Ian Bisset, Project Manager at Ripples Bathrooms, following these tips when decorating your bathroom will allow you to create a space that feels larger than it is.


Lighting is a very important component of every room, and Ian says: “the lighting fixture in the center of your bathroom is the most important one to consider”.

According to Ian, it should light up the entire room, but “shouldn’t be too big that it overpowers an already small space”.

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Ian adds: “Choosing clever lighting is key to opening up your bathroom space and creating a bright and airy environment.”

He would encourage decorators to go for a bathroom mirror with surrounding lights, or add additional lighting in your shower, saying “any extra lighting you can add will aid you in making your bathroom feel bigger than it actually is”.


Just as it is with paint in every other room in the house, the color you put on your walls matters when trying to make a room seem bigger or smaller.

Ian says that the tiles are the “key to making your small bathroom feel bigger”.

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For smaller bathrooms, Ian recommends choosing tiles in neutral or light shades, such as beiges, whites or grays.

“These types of colors will open up the space and give the illusion of a bigger room, all while still feeling inviting,” he explains.

Alongside the colour, the design on the tiles also plays an important factor.

Ian recommends choosing a “larger format tile” to give the illusion of a bigger room, and perhaps textured tiles “such as a brick effect, natural stones, pebbles or mosaic tiles.”

As well as this, you could also add some color by choosing to have a décor tiled feature wall.


Storage is very important when it comes to making any room feel bigger, and easy to do in a bathroom.

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You could opt for ideas such as under-sink cabinets or mirrored cabinets over the sink, as Ian explains “clever storage solutions are key when you are trying to redecorate or refurbish your small bathroom”.

Ian also recommends a wall-mounted heated towel rail, which will simultaneously allow you to save on space, hold your towels and warm your bathroom.


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