Inside Emma Chamberlain's Stylishly Quirky House – DIRT

Inside Emma Chamberlain’s Stylishly Quirky House – DIRT

Emma Chamberlain started her YouTube career barely five years ago, but since then she’s become one of the world’s top social media influencers, idolized by both fashion and coffee lovers alike. She was Vogue’s choice for on-camera interviewer at the 2022 Met Gala and her Chamberlain Coffee brand recently raised $7 million in a series A funding round, with revenue projected to double annually.

And now, even the special Chamberlain touch on interior decor is inducing jealousy. Last summer, the 21-year-old Bay Area native bought a house deep in the mountains above Beverly Hills and subsequently spent months renovating the offbeat structure, which was built in the 1950s. Described by Chamberlain herself as having a “woodsy, cabin in Lake Tahoe” vibe, the large residence was once owned by the likes of actor Barry Bostwick and R&B legend Natalie Cole.

To imbue the quirky place with her quirky personal style, Chamberlain hired Proem Studio’s Ashley Drost and Marie Trohman to work their decorative magic. The designers remodeled and filled the place with furnishings representing to Chamberlain “a mixture of things I love from every era,” and the eclectic result has been memorialized in a glossy set of Architectural Digest photos and separate video walk-through, both of which have gone viral.

Inside, the house is a quiet, light-filled oasis just minutes from the bustling hub of Los Angeles. Nearly every room features exposed wood ceiling beams and large skylights, and the funky, boho-chic decor blends paintings by Chamberlain’s father Michael Chamberlain and affordable Etsy trinkets with a $12,000 Ultrafragola mirror and a surfboard-shaped Martin Massé dining table set underneath a $31,000 Trueing Chandelier studio.

One of the most notable revisions was the virtually all-new kitchen, which offers a multicolored imported marble and cabinets painted a very minty shade of green. There’s also a nearby powder room, where Chamberlain kept the seller’s “Flintstones” inspired sink but installed a textured wallpaper reminiscent of banana-tree bark.

Originally outfitted with five bedrooms, one of the structure’s guest bedrooms was converted into Chamberlain’s walk-in dressing room, complete with bespoke cabinetry and stations for professional hair and makeup styling. As for the master bedroom, it now features a remodeled fireplace and an ensuite bathroom dressed up by a vanity covered in a highly unusual, rust-colored marble. The large shower is also wrapped in slabs of a yellowish, honeycomb-looking marble.

Other interesting spaces include the yard, which backs up to a hillside and offers a tranquil waterfall. The overall aesthetic is demure and elegant, although the “permanent beer pong table” by the pool hints about the homeowner’s age. Adjoining the outdoor areas, and conveniently accessible from the pool, there’s a pool bathroom with a standalone sink plunked in the middle of the room. That space also connects to a cozy den, complete with a fireplace and cork-covered ceiling treatment.

The pool bathroom’s wood paneling resembles teak, which is exactly the “inside a sailboat” aesthetic for which Chamberlainat. “I work from home, so I wanted things to look soothing throughout,” she says.

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