Sarah Ellison's Muse Sofa, Tested and Reviewed

Sarah Ellison’s Muse Sofa, Tested and Reviewed

Sit test: Is it comfortable? Does it feel well-made? Does the couch have a tendency to sag?

This is one of the most comfortable sofas that I have ever come into contact with. It looks like a fluffy loaf of bread, but it’s not too firm. You’re not going to sink into it, so I don’t think it’s capable of sagging! There’s some bounce to it too.

Lay test: Is it comfortable? Does it feel well made? Does the couch have a tendency to sag?

I am a 5′ 4″ single woman that lives alone, so I am the most frequent visitor on this sofa, but every now and then I’ll have guests over, and they can’t resist taking a seat! I lounge on it Whenever I get the chance; it’s become harder for me to get off because I simply don’t want to.

Is the couch suitable for particular decor styles, and if so, which?

Without sounding too obnoxious, this sofa transcends labels—it has such a timeless vibe, so it can work with any decor style.

The sofa completely shifted the energy of my space, making it feel more warm and grounded. It truly was the missing piece. In a few weeks, I’ll be hosting a private couch-warming party at my apartment. Now that the sofa saga is finally over, and I’ve manifested the couch of my dreams, a celebration with the friends that stayed with me through it all is in order. Following the grand reveal (which will involve unveiling the Muse with a sheet and maybe a big bow), I’m eager to watch my guests experience the luxury goodness for themselves.

Is it durable and practical in a modern home?

This couch couldn’t be more practical for our modern times. Modular sofas are the only way to live.

Is the couch kid-and/or dog-friendly?

I can’t confirm or deny this, but I would like to think that it’s suitable for all living species. I personally wouldn’t want messy creatures crawling all over it. (Sorry not sorry!)

What are the care and cleaning instructions? Do you think stains could be easily removed?

To summarize the care and cleaning instructions for the Muse sofa, I just have vacuum the upholstery and rotate the cushions and pillows weekly. Since the fabric and leather will fade over time, the brand also doesn’t recommend placing the sofa in direct sunlight. Noncommercial scented fabric fresheners, neutralizers, and fabric protectors should also be avoided at all costs.

To prevent possible bleeding of ink onto fabric, do not leave printed materials on the sofa. In the event that you spill something on the sofa, Sarah Ellison recommends hiring a professional upholstery cleaner. Should you decide to spot clean at home, review the standard cleaning code to determine the correct type of product to use. The studio’s recommendation is to always blot and never rub spills immediately with a clean and absorbent white cloth in a movement from the outside to the middle of the affected area to prevent rings.


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