Small living room fireplace ideas: 11 easy ways to add wow

All the best living room schemes have a focal point, something that draws you in and the place where your eyes land when you enter a room. While having a fireplace center stage can create a fabulous focal point, when it comes to small living room fireplace ideas, it can sometimes be a challenge making it work.

Petite lounges can easily look crowded if there is too much going on and too many large items of furniture or bulky pieces dominating the space. So when it comes to fireplace solutions for small living room ideas, striking the right balance is key. While a central position may be the best spot for a fireplace – and often the only place available in a small living room – clever use of colour, materials and alternative fire surround ideas can all help a fireplace to blend in better when lack of space is against you.

Small living room fireplace ideas

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