5 Fireplace Options to Enhance Any Space

Tired of staring at the same ‘meh’ walls—but not feeling a full-scale home reno? Changing a major element can go a long way towards updating the look of a room; especially if you add something as eye-catching as a flickering fireplace.

If you already have a fireplace, consider swapping out a sooty eyesore for a sleek new electric or gas insert. “Renovating a built-in fireplace can instantly update an older home and change the entire feeling of the space,” says interior designer Emily Del Bello of Emily Del Bello Interiors.

Fireplace remodeling can be easier than you think. Heat & Glo fireplace inserts fit inside your existing fireplace and use gas or electricity to create an illuminating fire at the touch of a button.

And if you’ve never had a fireplace before, Heat & Glo offers innovative and simple solutions that make adding a new fireplace easier and more low maintenance than ever.

Aside from making a big difference in your home, adding or renovating a fireplace will also pay off down the line. “Updating your fireplace will always be a great investment,” Del Bello advises clients. “It is never money lost, no matter how much you actually spend.”

Read on to discover fireplace-centric renovation ideas for different areas of your home:

Great Room

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Heat & Glo

Whether your great room is used as just a living room or it’s shared space with an open-concept dining room or kitchen, it’s often a larger area that includes a fireplace. Consider updating a drafty, older fireplace with a Heat & Glo gas fireplace insert. “An insert has a nice clean look which makes it universal, so it could easily work in a number of different style rooms,” says Del Bello. “The minimal frame doesn’t distract your eye from the rest of the space or the actual fire, rather it complements both naturally.”

Bold coat choices are fitting for a main entertaining space. Update a classic brick fireplace with white paint, display a piece of eye-catching art, and get creative with the material that lines the inside of your fireplace—you can choose from a myriad of colors, including amber, cobalt blue, ebony, scarlet or natural stone to best express your style in an unexpected way.

Finished Basement

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Heat & Glo

A finished basement is a boon, providing an extra spot for the whole family to hang out. These spaces are also usually lower on light, making them a perfect spot for a TV space or playroom. To enjoy the soft glow and added ambiance of a fire, opt for an electric fireplace that sets the mood with the flip of a switch. For this more intimate room, Del Bello recommends something with a minimal frame and fully recessed style, like Heat & Glo’s Allusion Platinum electric fireplace.

Some fireplaces, like the Allusion Platinum, can also be used without producing any heat, making them a great choice for creating ambiance even in warmer climates or in the summer months. Plus, you can adjust the color of the flame to options like brilliant blue to complement the rest of your decor.


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Heat & Glo

A library or den is meant to be the coziest space in your home, so a sleek fireplace is a natural fit. When choosing where to put it, “be mindful of your wall space,” says Del Bello. “The bigger the wall the better, or else your fireplace will look like a cramped afterthought.”

A floating coat painted the same shade as your wall gives you the option to display art or seasonal decor without dominating the space. The Format electric fireplace hangs directly on your wall for a low-hassle solution that makes a bold statement. “It automatically updates the room with a high-tech look,” says Del Bello.

Connected Patio

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Heat & Glo

If you have a patio or deck that’s visible from an indoor space such as your living room, installing an indoor/outdoor gas fireplace, such as the Heat & Glo Twilight Modern See-Through Gas Fireplace, is a showstopping way to connect the two distinct spaces.

“It’s meant to be the jewel of the space and automatically impress visitors,” says Del Bello. “This type of fireplace is for someone who loves to host!” When installing this gas fireplace, Del Bello suggests choosing a more streamlined coat design (or none at all), so it’s not competing with the rest of the room.

Outdoor Space

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Heat & Glo

If indoor/outdoor isn’t an option for you, you can still light a fire outside all year long, no kindling required. “Having an outdoor fireplace centers the outdoor space and gives you a natural area to gravitate toward, which can be lacking sometimes in a large yard or patio,” says Del Bello.

An outdoor gas fireplace also creates less mess and requires less cleanup than a traditional fire pit, while still offering you that classic, cozy experience. Del Bello likes the Lanai outdoor gas fireplace, a stainless steel model that comes in two sizes and looks right at home surrounded by more rustic materials such as stone. It will instantly become the place everyone wants to gather, so, says Del Bello, “Make sure the area around the fireplace has opportunities for one to sit and stay awhile.”

To explore installing these options, and find even more design inspiration, visit Heat & Glo.


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