Health fears sparked after he shares shock snap

Eamonn Holmes has sparked fears for his health after his latest Instagram post.

The GB News favourite, who had a back operation earlier this week, shared a picture of his face looking red and swollen.

Fans were quick to rally round, sending their love to Eamonn.

Eamonn Holmes on the red carpet
Fans of Eamonn Holmes rallied round amid fears for his health (Credit: Splash News)

Eamonn Holmes sparks health fears

Fans of the presenter were quick to comment after Eamonn’s latest post.

It showed a close-up picture of his face with a painful-looking red rash all over it.

Thankfully, however, the picture was a throwback – with Eamonn highlighting the risk of shingles in older age.

He captioned the post: “Ageing puts you at higher risk of shingles (esp. 50+) so it’s good to know what to look for.

“I’m pleased to partner with @gsk on their Understanding Shingles report, as I’ve suffered from this previously.”

However, it seems fans were convinced that the picture was taken recently.

And, as a result, shared their fears for the presenter.

Fans share fears for Eamonn

Posting in the comments section on Instagram, one said: “Oh love,” adding the crying emoji.

“Get well soon,” another posted

“My husband had this, this year for the first time. So painful,” said a third.

“Feel for you, hope you heal soon,” another commented.

This is me with shingles looking like Quasimodo there and as you can see from that, it’s quite brutal.

“Aww not having a good time health-wise. Get well soon Eamonn,” said another.

However, other fans urged the commenters to “read the caption” before commenting.

“Oh god hear we go again. Read the post guys – he hasn’t got shines. This is from ages ago,” one pointed out.

“Hope you are okay now – looks painful,” another commented.

“It’s an ad people – calm down!” another pleaded.

When did Eamonn Holmes have shingles?

Eamonn had shingles back in 2018, with the illness leaving him unable to work.

The star spoke about the condition on Loose Women last year.

As a picture flashed up on screen, he said: “This is me with shingles looking like Quasimodo there and as you can see from that, it’s quite brutal.”

He also added: “The dangerous thing about mine was that if it’s on your face, it can affect, maybe impair your eyesight.”

Eamonn also said that he had to ask his mum if he’d ever had chickenpox after contracting shingles.

“I remember going to the bathroom mirror and jumping back in horror. I had no idea what the symptoms were or why you would even be vulnerable to it,” he said.

Eamonn’s operation

Earlier this week Eamonn revealed he was going into hospital for an operation on his back.

He hoped the op would help to ease the chronic pain that he is in.

The operation carried a 20% risk of going wrong, but Eamonn said that he had decided to “take that risk”.

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