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Here’s how couples can create their dream home

Some homes come with built-in furniture, including wardrobe, drop- down wall-mounted bed, wall-mounted table that could be folded against the wall when not in use – to get more space for movement.

A neat, clean and tidy home makes the inhabitants happy and gives a peace of mind after returning from a hectic day.

How can a couple ensure both their aesthetic preferences find a place in the house?

It all depends of the couple’s taste or tastes. A painted jar or a piece of pottery of handicraft, piece of art or calligraphy hanging on the wall could balance out the lack of aesthetic elements within the living space. If there is a conflict in tastes, a compromise is essential – like everything else in life. A married life is all about adjustments, understanding each other’s tastes, choices and respecting them. Assuming both are working professionals and might carry work at home, both could use dining table as their home work stations, or deploy work stations if space allows. Leaving office work back at the office is crucial – if possible.

When two individuals start a life together, they bring their personal baggage of the pre-married life to the new life where they are to care, share and love each other. They might come from a completely different backgrounds with opposing personal tastes. The idea is to merge their lives into one. This means that they have to sacrifice certain things and make adjustments. I strongly suggest areas of the home be split in terms of their high usage of that inhabitant and designed keeping in mind their personal requirements, without sacrificing the home’s overall aesthetics. Both might need some personal space for themselves – specially to maintain a relationship with family and friends. For a new couple, a 1BHK apartment with a balcony is ideal as it gives enough room for personal space. It also allows both to pursue their diverse tastes/hobbies.

What are some of the key furniture and décor pieces every newly-wed couple should invest in and why?

A flower vase that they could fill up with fresh flowers from time to time, for one. Special adjustable lighting equipment – ​​be it a table lamp or others – to go with the romantic moments.

A collection or a collage of family photos – wedding and other happy moments could be framed and put up on the wall that works well to remind the couple of their union. Deployment of green elements, money plants or a collection of candles put together in a corner could work.

If the couple loves music and movies, they could create an entertainment center at home to enjoy music and movies with mood lightings to suit the audio and video content.

Life is about creating moments – happy moments. So, anything that goes to make the couple’s life more memorable is important. It also could be a book shelf or a rack to display handicrafts or some decoration pieces.

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