9 Ideas for Home Office Design

9 Ideas for Home Office Design

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Upgrading your personal work space is more important than ever—here’s how to make yours both ultra-functional and trendy

With many of us working from home, the look and feel of your home office is likely getting lots of attention.

Décor trends may come and go, but your goal right now should be to create a space that’s not only functional but fits your design aesthetic, too. Home experts across the country sketch out the latest ideas in home office design.

Dedicated Work-From-Home Workspaces

For many interior designers, a big ask from clients currently is to retrofit some sort of home office—no matter the size of the home.

“Right now, we’re getting requests for a dedicated home office for every project we do,” said Kevin Dumais, a New York City-based interior designer. “But what that looks like definitely changes from client to client.”

The trend right now is a shift from working on a slab of countertop in the kitchen to sitting in a home office that’s a comfortable—and well-appointed—destination, Mr. Dumais said. “While you may have the luxury of hopping on a laptop anywhere in the house, our clients want to spend work time in a space that’s fantasy and offers them the inspiration and motivation to work,” he said.

Design by Kevin Dumais and Photography by Eric Piasecki

Design by Kevin Dumais and Photography by Eric Piasecki

Michael J Lee Photography

Michael J Lee Photography

Light Has Never Been More Important

No matter where you plan to spend the day when working from home, finding good light, both natural and created, is key.

“Consider following the natural light of a space and positioning your workspace to where the sun goes,” said Vanessa Alexander, an interior designer in Los Angeles. “It’s hard to work happily under canned lights, so I’m noticing that people are setting those lights to a dimmer switch (or turning them off all together) and creating more moments by way of task lamps and floor lamps.”

An added plus: “These lamps lend some architectural interest to a room but also illuminate your workspace much more beautifully,” Ms. Alexander said.

Think Multipurpose Furniture

With so many people working in homes that are serving different purposes at once, a trend right now is to seek out multifunctional furnishings. One of the most versatile (and important) items to shop for right now is a multifunctional table.

“We’re doing a lot of 36-inch round and square game tables for our clients,” Mr. Dumais said. “These tables are dining room height but they’re not just for dining: You can pull up a couple of chairs and have a conversation, play a game or sit there with your laptop. This way you’re not sitting on the sofa and trying to get your work done.” The tables range from $2,800 to more than $12,000.

Design by Alexander Design and Photography by Martin Lof

Design by Alexander Design and Photography by Martin Lof

Photography by Joe St.Pierre

Photography by Joe St.Pierre

Be Freeform With Your Decor

To keep your space feeling energetic and inspiring, beware the tendency to pick out matchy-matchy office furniture and, instead, mix fabrics and textures and amp up pops of color.

“I’m seeing that people are seeking out less traditional office furniture and opting for more versatile pieces instead,” Ms. Alexander said. “These can be a mix of new and vintage and can be used anywhere in the home, not just in an office space.”

Ditch the Banker’s Desk—And All Those Drawers

The days of bringing heavy brown furniture into your home should be a thing that’s relegated to the past, said Liz Caan, an interior designer in Boston. “Yes, there are beautiful desks out there that are collector’s pieces and they’re an investment,” she said. “But you need to really think if you need such an oversized desk with multiple drawers and whether it’s too office-y for your space.”

In fact, designers are seeing that storage can just as easily be relegated to a closet located right near your desk. “Since you scan to the cloud, think about how few paper files you really use on a day-to-day basis,” Ms. Caan said. “I’d rather a homeowner tuck away the wireless router, the shredder and paper for the printer.”

Photography by Paolo Petrignani; designed by Rome, Italy-based architect and designer Achille Salvagni

Photography by Paolo Petrignani; designed by Rome, Italy-based architect and designer Achille Salvagni

Play Around With Woods

Rooms that blend different wood tones are trending and can ultimately be the most interesting from a décor perspective, Ms. Caan said.

“After all, if everything in a room is the same tone, you wouldn’t really see anything,” she said. “It’s nice to mix raw blonde woods with black stained woods and even medium tones like walnuts. I love mixing in an old piece or a reclaimed piece of wood furniture in a home office. It often becomes the ‘character’ the space needs.”

Work Chairs are Yesterday’s News

No doubt an ergonomic desk chair is good for your back and posture, but your goal is to seamlessly integrate your work life into your home life without making the space look like a scene from “The Office.”

“You don’t live in a corporate environment, so your home shouldn’t reflect that,” Mr. Dumais said. “Instead, your desk or work table should be paired with a chair you’d sit in at your dining room table. It will help the space feel a little bit more relaxed and provide extra seating when you have people over for dinner.”

Design by Alexander Design and Photography by Stephen Busken

Design by Alexander Design and Photography by Stephen Busken

Bookshelves Add Drama to a Room—When Styled Well

Floor-to-ceiling bookcases are dramatic in a home office and can also be incredibly efficient storage spaces. But like most aspects of your home office, you want to keep clutter under control.

“Bookshelves can look nice if they’re organized by color but you shouldn’t make that look feel forced,” Ms. Caan said. “Bookshelves look best when they’re full (meaning there are no empty shelves) and when they have a mix of things that represent the homeowners, like books, art, objects and pictures.”

And always keep your bookshelves in balance without worrying about everything looking overly symmetrical. This means that some books can be stacked, some leaning and some between bookends, Ms. Caan added.

Express Your Décor Flair Via Paint and Wallpaper

Homeowners are eager to experiment with paint and on-trend wallpaper, Ms. Caan said. However, there are a few caveats: “Use paint and wallpaper the same way you would in any other room in your home,” she said. “These wall colors or wallpaper should fit the story of the rest of the house and should be something that you feel good looking at all day.”

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