Smart robot cleaners: how this droid can make life easier

Say the words ‘smart robot cleaners’ and your first thought may be R2-D2 in a pair of Marigolds. But today’s domestic ‘droids’ are nothing like what you’d see in the movies – they’re smaller, quieter and a lot more reliable.

Decades ago, the thought of having your own personal robot to clean your home seemed completely out of reach, yet now, along with the biggest smart home ideas and trends, the robot revolution is now thriving, with dinky automated machines busying themselves in thousands of homes around the world.

What can smart robot cleaners do?

smart robot cleaner robot mower in a garden on a large lawn

(Image credit: Honda)

For now at least, the tasks that domestic robots can handle are mainly limited to cleaning. The most popular – and the ones that have been available the longest – are vacuum cleaners.

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