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These Spooky Airbnb Stays Are Perfect For Halloween (Or For Year-Round Ghouls)

Airbnbs are usually associated with relaxing holidays in picturesque faraway destinations where there’s nothing except a few days of unwinding, exploring, and lazying about to do. But that’s not always the case. On some Airbnb stays, you get to share the holiday home with a guest you never invited: a ghost.

Airbnb currently lists hundreds of “ghost-friendly places” for thrill-seeking vacationers. From single rooms inside an otherwise suburban home to secluded mansions and entire towns — there are several Airbnb stays that attract guests who want to witness paranormal activity. Luckily, however, ghosts don’t wait till Halloween to come out to play, so these ghost-friendly places are spooktacular all year round.

10 Merrill House: The Haunted Room, Canada

It’s hard to see how a stunning 19th-century house that hosts boostous wedding parties on most days could ever be haunted. Built in 1878, Merrill House is a boutique hotel that has been restored to its original Victorian architecture but which still offers modern luxurious amenities. The house has a cocktail parlor, a sauna, a study, a lounge, sprawling gardens, and apparently, ghosts too. Tucked away in the old servant’s quarters is the only room believed to be haunted at the Merrill House. Called The Haunted Room, the room is decked up with antique furniture, a pitched ceiling, and old Victorian photographs and paintings — the ideal interiors for a ghost to inhabit. A stay in the room may include sharing the bed with a ghost.

9 Beck House, Canada

Constructed in 1885, the Beck House was home to lumber baron Charles Beck who lived in the house with his wife and nine children. While the house was renovated 70 years ago to have apartments, it is believed that the spirits of the Becks never left. Guests have seen lights flickering, heard strange noises, and at times, felt their blankets being tugged at in bed. There are several legends surrounding the deaths of the many Beck family members, and the legends are best heard huddled in a circle while renting the third floor of the house.

8 Henry Derby House, United States

There are few places better than Salem for those who seek encounters with the supernatural. Famously associated with witchcraft and witch trials, Salem is a hotspot for paranormal activity, and the 19th-century Henry Derby House is no different. Although the listing does come with a warning from the host for guests to be prepared to see a few haunted sightings, those who’ve personally experienced them confess that the warning makes the hauntings no less spooky. Former guests admit to hearing footsteps and seeing doors move without anybody around. The host himself admits to having dreams about a spirit trapped on the third floor of the house as a child, and former employees have had supernatural encounters on the floor as well.

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7 Lilburn Mansion, United States

According to myths and legends, the Lilburn Mansion, built in a gothic Victorian style design, was originally constructed in 1857. After a fire burnt down the original structure, the living residents of the house decided to take on several renovations. The supernatural residents of the mansion, however, didn’t seem too pleased about it and the deaths of the residing family’s patriarch, as well as a child, soon followed. In the present day, guests enjoying the lawns, library, ballroom, and pool of the mansion often report seeing a young boy swing on the chandeliers.

6 Stroud House, United States

Friends, family, and guests of the hosts of Stroud House have frequently reported witnessing strange occurrences in the house. It’s everything you’d see in a typical haunted house in a movie: lights flickering on and off, the sound of unexplained footsteps in the house, shadows floating by, pictures falling off the wall, and the music turning on without anyone touching a finger . Now, descendants of the family that originally built the house fully embrace the spooky spirits residing in their home, and the house is decked up in Halloween-themed gear all year round.

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5 Parks-Bowman Mansion: The Haunted Bedroom

Located in New Orleans’ Garden district, the 130-year-old Parks-Bowman Mansion has three bedrooms listed on Airbnb. While the Red Room and the Library are perfectly ghost-free, the Haunted Bedroom is one where those seeking to befriend a ghost or two need to be. Reportedly, guests will be sharing the room with a young girl in a long yellow dress who is presumed to be the youngest daughter of the first tenants that occupied the house sometime in the late 1880s. The girl is said to have died at a young age and was buried on the grounds of the Parks-Bowman Mansion. Because the spirit of the young girl is quite shy, guests sharing the bedroom will have to listen closely to feel her presence.

4 The David Stewart Farm, United States

It very rarely happens that a property featured on a paranormal investigation show dedicated to investigating haunted sites is open to the public for stays. Featured on Ghost Detectives, the David Stewart Farm was used as a civil war field hospital after the Battle of Gettysburg. The Airbnb host gives full disclosure to potential guests on the listing: “I will be your only ‘living’ host, but there are many others who live with me.” The host does promise that in her experience of living at the farm for 36 years, all her supernatural encounters are friendly and online guests can feel free to ask her for real-life ghost stories.

3 Taliston House & Gardens: The Haunted Bedroom, United Kingdom

Dubbed the most extraordinary home in Britain, The Taliston House & Gardens is decorated in Scottish Art Nouveau style. Each of the 13 rooms in the house is inspired by a different story, and one of the rooms — The Haunted Bedroom — is the fictional haunted bedroom of a seven-year-old Edwardian child named Jack. Upon Jack’s sudden death after several complaints of hearing noises in the room, his parents are said to have locked the room and sealed it shut with holy symbols. That is until the next Airbnb guest decides to throw the doors open and spend a night in it.

2 Rensow Manor Retreat, Germany

Close your eyes and imagine what a haunted house looks like. Do you see a creepy old manor covered in a misty fog and secluded from civilization with centuries-old trees? Do you see dark walls with antique furniture and only candles for light? Are there a few spirits lurking around in the shadows, perhaps? Well, that’s exactly what the Rensow Manor Retreat is like. The 17th-century home dates back to a period when Slavic gods used to be worshiped in the area nearly 1,200 years ago. Eerily enough, locals believe that the gods never left the manor.

1 Inspiration House, United States

Jointly owned by occult expert Michelle Belanger, The Inspiration House has witnessed several (natural) deaths and hauntings in its 150-year-old history. Although Belanger has certified the resident ghosts of the house to be friendly, The Inspiration House is not for the fainthearted. Past tenants have admitted to having paranormal experiences and Airbnb guests have felt all sorts of otherworldly presences in the house, including the ghost of a dog and masculine screams from the basement. Along with a list of rules and regulations that usually come with an Airbnb rental, The Inspiration House comes with a display room of haunted objects and one warning: guests may experience frequent dreams during their stay. In reality, it’s how the ghosts of the house try to contact you.

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