30 Beautiful Green And White Kitchen Ideas To Make The Most Of This Classic Color Combination

30 Beautiful Green And White Kitchen Ideas To Make The Most Of This Classic Color Combination

One of the hardest parts about designing or remodeling your kitchen is deciding on a color scheme. First and foremost, it should be classic and hold the test of time, since remodeling your kitchen is no small task. It should also be trendy and attractive as well as reflect your personality.

There’s no better color combination for this effect than green and white. As Hawk Hill explains, green was an incredibly popular kitchen color as far back as the 19th century, as well as in the 1950s. This means it can be both classic and timeless or retro in a new and trendy way. Green is both sophisticated and refined, while also being down-to-earth and casual. Pairing it with white makes it a little less serious while still having an edge of refinement. White also has a brightening effect on green. Keep reading for some great green and white kitchen inspiration.

1. Light sage and white

One of the most timeless green kitchen color combinations is light sage green cabinets with white marble countertops and white walls. Incorporate some light wicker and copper.

2. Dark olive industrial

For a more industrial, raw look, opt for dark olive cabinets with white subway tiles, incorporating darker steel and metals.

3. Light mint cabinetry

Mint green is an incredibly bright and fun color. Pair mint cabinets with white walls and have fun with complementary accent colors like peach and yellow.

4. Scandinavian green and white

While Scandinavian design tends to not emphasize bright colors, green is sometimes an exception to the rule. Keep it bright and pair it with a warm or gray-toned white.

5. Modern asparagus green

A commonly neglected green shade is asparagus, which pairs perfectly with white appliances and countertops in a modern kitchen.

6. Army green accents

For an edgier and trendy look, pair white cabinets and wood accents with a rustic, dark army green accent wall.

7. Touches of green

For very subtle incorporation of green in your kitchen, only paint the countertops and interior of open cabinets in your kitchen green.

8. Minty inspirations

Keep your kitchen bright, youthful, and playful with white brick walls, white vinyl floors, white countertops, and pale mint green cabinets.

9. Forest green accent wall

If you want a simple green and white kitchen transformation, swap out one plain white wall for a dark forest green accent wall.

10. Dark pistachios

Pistachios are a slightly more mature, refined version of mint. Make it even more sophisticated by darkening the pistachio shade, pairing it with a very light gray or darker white.

11. Barely there green and white

If you like green but don’t want to overdo it, look for a barely there, green-tinted white shade. Pair with a bright white and a soft gray.

12. Country kitchen style

Country homes in the early 20th century are easily identifiable by their bright color schemes, especially in the kitchen. A light and vibrant shade of green will go wonderfully in a country-inspired kitchen when paired with white counters.

13. Green fridge

Instead of the classic white-appliance, green-cabinet dynamic, switch it up with a green fridge and white cabinets and walls.

14. Green cabinet fronts

For a simple but effective pop of color in a white kitchen, add some green paneling on the back of your kitchen island.

15. Lime green backsplash

Similarly, a vibrant backsplash is an incredibly effective way to add some color and intrigue to a small kitchen. Lime green is a very bold and punchy color, and perfect for the small backsplash.

16. Make use of paneling

If you have a lodge home or an older ’70s style kitchen, consider painting some of that wood paneling a fun shade of sage or olive green, which will complement white cabinets.

17. Light pistachio cabinets

For a retro, mod-inspired kitchen design, pair a youthful, light pistachio color with white countertops and light fixtures.

18. Bright spring green

If you’re not afraid to be bold with your color choices in your kitchen, paint all your cabinets a bright and vibrant spring green, pairing it with white countertops.

19. Subtle sage

On the other hand, if you err on the side of subtlety in your design approach, paint your cabinets a very soft, pastel sage color.

20. Green mosaic backsplash

A little can go a long way with green shades. Swap out your plain white backsplash for a mosaic of green, white, and gray tones.

21. Moss green cabinets

Another often forgotten green shade that goes lovely in your kitchen is moss. When paired with starker shades of white, it has a sophisticated, modern effect.

22. Light celadon

Celadon is another rare shade of green, which is somewhere between mint, pistachio, and jade. It has a bright and soothing, energetic effect.

23. Japan in green

Japandi is a design that merges modern Japanese styles with Scandinavian aesthetic approaches. A bamboo or sage green goes lovely with a Japandi style kitchen.

24. Dark moss green and white

For a moodier effect, opt for a very dark and saturated moss green color for your cabinets, keeping it light with white marble counters and white subway tile backsplash.

25. French green

French green is a slightly muted, springier sage tone, and also goes wonderfully in a kitchen when paired with white and other bright shades.

26. Add in some gold

White and green look great by themselves, but adding in some gold accents through hardware, appliances, and decoration will only further enhance the color combo.

27. Dark forest green

A super dark, flat forest green will lend an incredibly sophisticated look and feel in your kitchen, especially when paired with similarly flat white colors.

28. Green open shelving

If you have open shelving on the back of your kitchen island or cabinets, a creative way to incorporate some green is to pair white countertops with green shelving.

29. Dark peach green

A very sophisticated and elegant shade of green is peacock green, which has heavy blue tones. Pair with a rich wood tone like mahogany or cherry, and lighten it with white cabinets.

30. Copper accents

Another metal color that wonderfully complements white and green is copper. Not only can you use this for hardware in your kitchen, but you can also switch out your pan collection for copper cookware.

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