5 genius uses for dead leaves to benefit your backyard

What should you do with dead leaves during fall? After the beautiful spectacle of yellow, red and brown leaves has lit up the trees in your backyard, you soon find yourself raking mounds of them on your lawn, armed with a leaf blower as back-up. While piles of crunchy leaves may have entertained you for hours as a child, it’s hard to know what to do with them in adulthood. Surely there’s a better use for them than the bin?

Ask any gardener and they’ll rage about the multitude of uses dead leaves can have in your backyard. From nutritious compost to weed suppressing mulch, this humble type of organic matter has a whole host of benefits for your backyard, and they’re completely free, too! It’s hard to ignore the fact that fall leaves are one of the most beautiful sights any of the seasons have to offer. As such, we shouldn’t underestimate their aesthetic quality inside our homes either.

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