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hdb 4 room 4 bedroom

Despite all the complaints that people may have about HDBs in Singapore, there’s a lot to admire about how different people have customized their homes to suit their lifestyle.

It is quite fascinating to see just how creative some homeowners can get, and it’s one of the perks of my job – I get to see many different homes and layouts each month through our Living In YouTube series.

So since the last 5-room HDB layout piece was quite well-received, I was extra motivated to do one for another popular type of HDB home – the 4-room. Also, we did have a number of people reach out to us to do more, and one popular request was for a 4-room layout in a point block setting.

For the sake of those who aren’t aware, there are actually quite a number of different types of HDB blocks in Singapore. Of the earlier HDB designs, the more popular ones include the slab block, and the point block.

point block

My preference was, of course, always for the point block. First, these had the advantage of less units per floor. And unlike the slab block that was arranged in a row, because you basically didn’t have common corridors (you had an apartment on the four corners of each floor), it allowed for more windows that looked out. This meant that you had better lighting and opportunity for cross ventilation. The biggest perk for me though? You have greater privacy as there aren’t any windows that open into common areas.

If you like to know a bit of history, the first point block was introduced in 1969 in Meiling Street in Queenstown. But for the more common point block you may be familiar with today, this was only later in 1972.

So if you are looking out for some layout ideas for your 4-room HDB (even if it isn’t a point block), here are some to consider:

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