‘I followed the advice of cleanfluencers for the week… and it was exhausting’

There’s shaving foam everywhere and I’m frantically scraping it off, hoping that my husband won’t come home and realize what I’ve been up to with his swanky toiletries. After 10 sticky minutes of slathering and wiping I’m finally buffing, and buffing, and buffing… and still the bathroom mirror is streaky. It didn’t look like this on TikTok.

sing shaving foam to make your mirror sparkle (and prevent it from fogging up!) is one of about a billion enthusiastically shared tips on the corner of the video-sharing app known as ‘CleanTok’. Except they’re not called ‘tips’, they’re ‘hacks’ — and nearly all of them promise to be the ‘best hack ever’ or LIFE-CHANGING at the very least.

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