5 simple ways to decorate your outdoor space for summer entertaining |

Now that spring is officially here, those warmer, lighter and longer days are around the corner and those impromptu ‘let’s eat outside’ moments are too. Is it just me or does every mouthful always taste better when you’re outside?

Even the simplest meal feels special and to really make the most of every sunny opportunity, it’s worth getting prepped and al fresco-ready in good time. I have always loved setting a table – inside or out; to me, it is as important as the food that you eat- making your friends and family feel special, adding that level of care and style to even the most relaxed meal is one of life’s simple pleasures.

Interior Designer

Tricia Guild OBE
Interior Designer

Tricia Guild OBE is the creative force of Designers Guild and has been at the forefront of interior design since starting the company in the early ’70s. Internationally renowned for her passion for color, pattern and texture as well as her signature lifestyle brand and books, Tricia Guild has been setting the pace with her dynamic and innovative collections, instantly recognizable for her unique and contemporary style.

How to decorate your outdoor space for summer

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