Why you should never hang art vertically in the bedroom |

The art of creating a Feng Shui-friendly bedroom comes down to a host of factors – from your bed placement to your use of mirrors in the space. While all of these factors are believed to influence the energy of your space, experts have warned that your bedroom art ideas are equally impactful – and vital to get right.

Whether you’re exploring above-the-bed decor ideas or want a focal point above your dressing table – bedroom art is not a decision that should be taken lightly. The piece (or pieces) knows how to exhibit your personality while making an instant statement – ​​but its power doesn’t end there. Instead, your chosen piece has an influence over your bedroom Feng Shui and, accordingly (quite possibly) your sleep schedule.

Therefore, when it comes to the biggest Feng Shui mistake to avoid, the shape of your chosen artwork matters. Here’s what the experts want you to know.

A yellow bedroom with a bed with blue headboard and white bedding

(Image credit: Cat Dal)

Why you should never hang art vertically in the bedroom

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