20 spare room ideas – from WFH spaces to home gyms

The best spare room ideas will make the most of an extra bedroom or reception space, turning your space into a home office with the best office chair, an arts and crafts area, or even a chill out zone for the kids to better zone your home .

So, to inspire your room’s makeover, we’ve put our favorite spare room ideas together here to help you repurpose the space you have, in the most stylish and practical way. Keep scrolling for the most decorative bedroom ideas and functional looks for your spare room.

20 spare room ideas to inspire your space

1. Create a very country, cozy chill out zone

a snug room with gray walls, dark wood floor, a gray armchair, a large woodburning stove and wood

(Image credit: Ikea)

Woodburning stove. Check. Armchair you could get lost in. Check. Dark, moody, sophisticated color scheme. Check. This is a great look for a spare room and provides a perfect secluded spot for anyone who needs to have a breather, after a long day.

2. Choose a daybed that gives you options

an Ikea sofa/day bed with wooden slats and lots of dark blue bedding and white and blue cushions, against a window, and a check white and black curtain in the corner

(Image credit: Ikea)

Having a bed that can double up as a sofa, or that can actually be stacked is really useful. So you can buy one bed, but then stack a second (and third) on top, so that whenever you need extra sleep or seating space, it’s right there, taking up no more space than a single bed.

In the above picture is a daybed, while below it’s two Scandi-style singles, and then a sofa, and a day bed. So, whichever way you want to place them, a well selected bed can suit your bedroom design, or spare room design seamlessly.

two Scandi-style stackable bed and sofas with dark black and gray bedding on top, a black and white square curtain, a window, and a red and white square rug on the floor

(Image credit: Ikea)

Oh, and of course, it can become a double…

Ikea Utaker stackable bed made into double bed with gray bedspread, with large window and white linen curtains

(Image credit: Ikea)

3. Revamp a guest bedroom with bright paint

Bedroom with green paneled wall and pink bedding with pops of yellow, with a black and white rug underneath, and lots of framed art on the walls

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

While you may be reticent about going too bold with the bedroom color scheme in your own bedroom, having a spare room is a fantastic opportunity to be more online with paint color and pattern. Paint a feature wall in a really out there color (something like Farrow and Ball’s Vardo (opens in new tab) would do the trick) in a guest bedroom to make the space sing.

4. Turn a downstairs spare room into a bar lounge

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