A well-designed interior of a modern Minecraft home (Image via Mojang)

5 best tips for decorating interiors in a Minecraft base

It’s one thing to build a Minecraft base, but decorating it is another task in itself. While decorating an interior is ultimately up to the player, there are certain things one must keep in mind in order to enact their vision of the ideal home.

There is a growing community around interior decoration in Minecraft. Many players specialize in using tricks and hacks to create fantasies interiors for bases and homes of any sort.

While there are countless tips to improve a player’s interior, there are some that don’t require much effort and can bring together an interior aesthetic.

Below, players can find some of the most accessible and impactful tricks to utilize.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer

Use patterns in flooring and other great tips for Minecraft players looking to improve their base

1) Utilize block and material variety

Block variety ensures an interior doesn't become too stale (Image via Mojang)Bookshelves and barrels make for excellent space fillers (Image via Funminecraftbuilds/Blogspot)

3) Use patterns in flooring

A glazed terracotta pattern placed on a floor design (Image via Minecraftfurniture.net)

4) Keep vertical space in mind

A player base utilizing a high ceiling concept (Image via Mojang)Plants can make or break a room's aesthetic (Image via Ashtin/Minecraft Amino) Edited by Rachel Syemlieh


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