How to stain a fence: DIY in 9 steps

How to stain a fence: DIY in 9 steps

Learning how to stain a fence is a fundamental part of fence maintenance. And, a stained fence will last longer and look better, with fewer problems like algae, mold and discoloration affecting the wood. A stain also brings out the natural richness in the wood, with some products offering a tint as well as weather protection.

The best fence stain products will prolong the life of your fence, without the need to paint over the wood. However, the correct preparation and technique when painting are key to getting the best and longest-lasting results. No product will do your fence justice if it’s been applied hastily or unevenly. Find out how to get it right with our expert-led advice.

Cleaning a wooden fence with a pressure washer before staining

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How to stain a fence

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