Worrying about what to gift your loved ones? We have you covered

Festivals bring great joy to our hearts. We all want our gifts to be special and unique, and hence they should bear a personal touch that comes only with a lot of understanding, patience and care for the person whom the gift is intended for.

We have put together a list of gifts that you might want to give to your loved ones to make the occasion more festive.

1. Gold Jewelery

Gold is one metal considered very auspicious, especially in Indian society. Buying your loved one a piece of gold jewelery would perhaps add a little more warmth to your relationship with that person.

Not just women, men too love flaunting those gold chains and bracelets. While wearing gold on festive occasions inevitably reflects one’s traditions and beliefs, gold is a huge fashion statement for many; fashion-conscious people believe gold will never go out of style.

Gold jewelery is not only a valuable item in terms of the price the golden metal comes with but also a precious possession for many who love to follow family traditions and culture.

In case you have a tight budget, you can opt for silver jewelery or articles made of silver which is considered equally auspicious, for instance, silver coins, silver utensils, or silver showpieces and collectables. As far as buying ornaments is concerned, chances are you may well be lucky enough to get heavily discounted rates for both gold and silver items of jewelery as most jewelery houses would put out special offers for the festive season, and one can always get the piece of jewelery done as per one’s choice of design.

Speaking of options, gold-plated and stone-embellished jewelery is well-liked for its visual appeal. It can also be mentioned here that gold comes in different hues, depending on the alloys the basic yellow gold is mixed with. So, apart from the classic bright yellow gold, you have rose gold, green gold, black gold, purple gold, gray gold and blue gold to choose from.

2. Personalized gift items

You can always opt for simple gift items and get them customized as per your desires, not to mention, suiting the taste of the person you are going to gift them to. Some of the most popular presents these days are personalized LED cushions, digitally printed coffee mugs, photo frames, family caricature stands, wall hangings, and personalized LED glass bottle lamps, to mention a few. Family photos put together as a collage indeed make for a thoughtful gifting idea as a festival essentially denotes family time, and is there even a better way than photos to bring back memories of time spent with one’s near and dear ones? You can also consider gifting home decor items as home decoration is an integral part of any festivity, and getting a home decor item from you would surely bring a huge grin to one’s face.

3. Flowers, fruits and vegetables:

Gifting flowers is indeed a great idea. Flowers have always been considered one of the best gifts- a simple yet precious form of self-expression and conveyor of emotion. Both flowers and fruits are considered very auspicious as gift items- it would hold all the more valuable as the flowers can be used for arranging the Pookalam, without which Onam is incomplete, and fruits are always a healthy lifestyle choice. People prepare the traditional Onam Sadhya which consists of 25 items offered on a banana leaf. Vegetables would be seen by the recipient as a rather useful gift. If you are not too sure which flowers to pick, go for a simple red rose bouquet or blue orchids bouquet.

4. Outfits:

People love to buy new dresses during festivals. How about you gifting them one? But make sure you know the taste of the person you are purchasing the outfit for.

5. Gift hampers:

A gift would hardly doubt double the love you share with your person. While many of us still remain intrigued when our favorite Koffee with Karan host Kjo hands over the most sought-after gift almost to his guests, it would definitely bring smiles to those who may have never received a gift hamper in their life and have always dreamt of owning one. Now what all to put in the hamper? You can put anything and everything that you feel may be liked by the recipient or be of any use to them. You can fill the gift box with a coffee maker, perfumes, chocolates, cookies and munchies, music albums, DVDs, gadgets, pens and notebooks, pickle and honey jars, a dinner set, jaggery banana chips, a container of dry fruits, and plus toys.

6. Sweets

No Indian festival is complete without sweets. Visiting your friends and relatives with a box of sweets is perhaps the most basic yet sincere idea to sweeten up your relationships.

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