Home office essentials: Work from home more comfortably

Equipping yourself with home office essentials has probably never been so important. With most of the world’s office workers working from home right now, it’s crucial to get your office setup spot on. This means not only making your desk area as inspiring as possible (after all, you’re likely spending a lot of time there), but also properly comfortable – balancing on a dining room chair at the kitchen table just won’t cut it long terms.

It helps to have the right kind of chair, but also the perfect desk, office storage and office drawers, too, to ensure your setup leaves your body and mind in optimum health. And that’s not to mention the accessories designed to tweak your positioning, such as monitor arms and stands. In this guide, we’ve selected some of our favorite things, which will make working from home a lot easier. Remember to carry out these desk exercises throughout the day, and check out our guide to the best smart home devices for products that could improve productivity in the house.

01. Standing desk (or the perfect desk for you)

Home office essentials: desk

Stand up to the dangers of sitting down for too long

If you’re spending a lot of time at your desk, it might be time to invest in a standing desk. It’s no secret that sitting down for long periods of time can have significant negative effects on your wellbeing, and although standing desks are relatively pricey, your health is probably one of those things that are worth shelling out for. This Herman Miller Ratio Sit-Stand Desk (opens in new tab) is particularly nice-looking.

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