Winter party ideas for you to steal

Your garden isn’t just a garden, it’s another space to extend your party into this winter. How you make it absolutely gorgeous and popping for your party is what we are here to help you with.

While you might want to batten down the hatches over the frosty season, we encourage you to open those patio doors and embrace the flora and fauna of the garden with these incredible party ideas. Let your guests be impressed (and warm) during a festive garden set up.

Feel warm, cozy and festive at your splendid winter party.

Keep your guests warm

Getting an overhead canopy will sort out any wet and wild issues you could possibly face this winter. Getting carabiner hooks/clips and fastening the waterproof canopy to suit your space perfectly will make the temporary roofing feel bespoke.

Get a smokeless fire pit. Everyone loves the smell and crackle of a fire pit over the winter months, but not everyone wants to take the smell of smoke home with them. A smokeless fire pit will exude all the heat you could possibly need as well as protecting your guests from getting smoked out.

Even better, why not go for a freestanding or wall attached heater. Low maintenance and totally comfortable, your guests won’t even realize they are outside.

Lighting is key

Lighting creates a story and we’ve got lots of wonderful stories to tell at Skyline design. Keeping the lighting soft and safe is key.

We have the most beautiful chic solar powered lighting. From dazzling outside lamps to soft glow floor light boulders, we have every type of atmospheric garden lighting so that your party can carry onto the early hours.

It’s about creating a vibe. As the sun sets, your guests’ mood will rise and the lighting peppering your garden will enhance all the festive sense this winter.

Throws and fire pits

Think outside of the (garden) box. We want to make your garden or outside space a whole living space unto itself. We need to ‘throw’ some comfort at it. Yes, throws, cushions and of course luxurious seating with ultimate comfort.

Your guests won’t want to leave once they have a fur throw over their legs, mulled wine in hand perched on the decadently quilted three piece garden sofa.

Why not pop a totally snuggle and stylish rug underneath a coffee table. As you’ve got the canopy sorted, there’s no worry about water damage.

Even better, get yourself a bar for all year round. A totally weather proof marvel that can be enjoyed spring, summer, autumn and especially at a winter party, Skyline’s Laurel Bar will host perfectly.

Themed food and drinks

Get all those mouth watering with some honey mustard glazed cocktail sausages or some mini melted gruyere cheese crostinis. You might want to pair them with some spiced mulled wine or cider. We’re a massive fan of a white chocolate Russian cocktail too in some totally chic glassware.

With decadent decorations to match your ‘white winter’ or ‘cocktails and snowflakes’ theme, you’ll be set to dance all night.

For larger parties

You might be the organizer of the work Christmas party. Look no further than the Skyline design to help you transform any outdoor space into the most magical of party wonderlands.

Hotels and hospitality venues alike are the most loyal customers with year round outdoor furniture solutions that offer totally stylish experiences.

If you’re looking to transform your public space into a gorgeous party setting, get in touch and let us help you get the creative process started. Want a quick look? Check out our brochure here and get excited to start exterior designing.

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