SunLive - Incubated ideas come home to roost

SunLive – Incubated ideas come home to roost

The Incubator Creative Hub is celebrating a million things at once with a one-day showcase from 10am-3pm this Saturday, November 26, called HATCH.

Because that’s what an incubator does. It incubates ideas until they hatch!

Saturday’s Hatch celebrations offer visitors an opportunity to see inside each of the creative spaces that fall under the Incubator umbrella, with the event offering something for all.

The Incubator Creative Hub director Simone Anderson says Hatch will feature moving and static, sights and sounds across the day with live music, singers and DJs on the new outdoor stage, improv theater, street performances, caricature drawings, pottery and painting demonstrations, food trucks , along with rock painting activities and a gnome-making workshop.

“Along with the entertainment, there will be six new art exhibitions including the very popular 114 exhibition.

“114 gives art lovers the opportunity to grab an original artwork from a range of well-known and respected artists, including Nick Eggleston, Constanza Briceno and Elizabeth Kyle, for a bargain price of $114 each.

“This event has been running for several years now and always attracts a big crowd, a rare chance to grab quality art from recognized artists at a stunning price. Not often you need crowd control for an exhibition but if the previous year is any example, this will be a busy spot.”

Simone says The Incubator has been providing grassroots arts and creativity to Tauranga for nine years now.

“From being a few artists based in our big red shed, we now umbrella a huge group of creatives working in a range of mediums including everything from ceramics to photography, fashion, fine arts, tōī Māori and film, throughout the Historic Village.

“We had so many visitors comment that they were surprised to discover the range of creativity that is available in the village.”

The open day will allow the public to see inside Te Whare Toi o te Moana – Whare Thompson’s whakairo workshop and business, Native Designz.

“If you have ever wanted to see Māori carving up close, here is your chance. The old fire station building was recently upgraded on a grand scale by The Historic Village.

“The building upgrade will allow Whare and other master carvers the opportunity to run wānanga, for those new to carving and those wishing to extend their knowledge and skills, creating the new generation of craftsmen.” Visitors can get up close and personal with Toi Whakairo.

And the Village Cinema, which operates as part of the Incubator, will screen a selection of short documentary films by Loading Docs.

“Loading Docs is an amazing initiative that produces short documentaries that inspire and challenge audiences locally and internationally,” says cinema coordinator Melanie Mills. “Their work has been watched by more than 17 million people, so it’s a huge privilege for us to be able to showcase their work.”

Hatch will also launch the Community Christmas Trees project. This annual event is hugely popular – each year, 22 community groups, turtles and organizations are invited to paint and embellish discs that are used to decorate the trees.

The Christmas trees will be presented as an avenue of trees inside the main fence of The Historic Village.

“There’ll be so much happening on the day,” says Simone “We’re all looking forward to an amazing day out for Tauranga.” Hatch 2022 is

Hatch 2022 is 10am-3pm this Saturday, November 26, at The Historic Village, 17th Ave, Tauranga. Entries are free.

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